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Everythings good

Got back from my doctors appt. a couple hours ago, all my blood work came back negative so that's a relief!! I was really fuckin' nervous! So, I don't have HIV, Hepatitis, or Mono, anything else! yay! the only thing that's a little fucked is my liver but we all know why that is. Anyway, I've managed to cut back tremendously. She gave me a referral to this therapist that works with people who are drug addicts and alcoholics, with medications. So I may make an appt. with him, I haven't decided yet. can at least call I suppose. I fell asleep in my glasses last night now they are slightly crooked, and it's driving me mad! But I think I'll take them in to get them fixed, sure be worth it. I'm just so relieved from my appt! I go back to see her in a month, and to see how my new medication is working out. I think when I see her again, I'll ask about why I'm always starving a few hours after eating a substantial meal. Maybe just high metabolism? My doc told me I could stand to gain a few pounds that made me laugh. I usually fluctuate between 131 and 135. well I am looking forward to Christmas! I got 3 things for mom I ordered, she will love them! Just waiting on the rest.


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