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Awaiting Results

well a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving my stomach started giving me troubles. I would eat and then immediately want to throw up what I ate, and had the most god awful, sharp stabbing pain in my stomach. That lasted on and off for a couple weeks, so I finally decided to see a doctor. I really like the one I saw, so I'm sticking to her. Anyway she examined me, drew some blood samples for some blood work, and later when she was pushing around on my abdomen, when she pushed down on my upper right side, I almost flew off the table it hurt so bad. She scheduled and ultrasound, for my entire abdomen, and prescribed me omeprazole or whatever it's called. A few days later (The appt. was at 8 in the morning) which I wasn't to keen on but fuck it I was the first one the guy saw. Anyway, he examined my abdomen, kidneys, everything. So I had to wait a couple days for my follow up with my doc. That was a bit nerve-wracking, waiting! So my doc came back and told me the results of my blood work and ultrasound. Turns out that I have a fatty liver, and that my liver enzymes are super high. She showed me the paper, and the maximum number that they should go to is like 40 or something and mine are in the 200 something range. Also I guess my white blood cell count is off the charts. So she said she wants to test me for HIV, all 3 types of hepatitis, mono, and a few other things that have to do with inflammation, but I can't remember the names of the tests. So now I'm waiting on those results, and time is going really fucking slow! I also got prescribed Lorazepam for my anxiety. I've only had about 3 drinks in 3 days which is tremendous for me. I still don't want to stop but at least I've cut back somewhat. I dunno the minute she said she wanted to test me for HIV I though "Oh fuck!" but I think she just wants to cover everything. So tomorrow I have an appt. with my counselor thankfully! I had to cancel the last 2 due to my stomach troubles. Thankfully what my doc prescribed me for my stomach has been working wonders and I can eat normally again, as long as I keep taking my pills! It's nice not to be so damn sick all the time, although I still have the constant fatigue. I just can't wait till Thursday so I know what the hell is wrong!

Tomorrow we are having some guys come and clean the chimney upstairs, we removed the wood stove last week because it was so damn ugly and we never use it. So once they get rid of all the shit that is caked on the inside of the chimney my grandparents are going to have a glass wall thing put in to seal it off and we won't have as much cold air.


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